Thursday, March 29, 2012

Smarterer - Show off your skills!

Smarterer is a platform designed to score individuals on digital, social, and technical skills. Show off your skills HERE! Lets see how smart you are by taking the following tests:

- BzzAgent test
- Blogger test
- Facebook test
- Flickr test
- Twitter test
- WordPress test
- Tumblr Test
And many more!

I am a BzzAgent and I received this as a campaign and I am trying this site through them and I love it! Thanks BzzAgent!!!!

My first test was the BzzAgent test of course. I had so much fun testing my knowledge of BzzAgent HERE. Take the challenge. How well do you know BzzAgent?

How well do you know Facebook? Don't you ever wonder if you really know Facebook like you think you know it? Hmmmmmm??????? Take the test HERE!!!

Why not challenge your family and friends too? Lets see which one of you pays attentions and knows more!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

FREE Shipping at Kohl's:

Kohl's is offering FREE shipping on any order today! How does that sound to you? To me that sounds like I will be going on a shopping spree. :)  I don't know about you, but I love shopping online and in stores at Kohl's. Have you ever shopped there? Maybe today is your day to browse through the website HERE and see what great products they sell that you are going to want to purchase! Enjoy!

FREE Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer bottle of your choice:

Hey everyone! There is 2 days left so mark your calendars on March 23rd to request a coupon for a FREE bottle of Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer of your choice! Isn't this a great offer? This offer is valid for the first 200,000 valid coupon requests HERE that starts at 11 am Eastern Time and 9 am Pacific Time. Coupon is limited 1 per person and 2 per household. Take advantage of this freebie. This is your chance of trying a new flavor that you have never tried before. Don't forget and if you have to set an alarm on your cell phone as a reminder, do it! I love Coffee-Mate!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dr. Oetker "Ristorante Pizza"

Has anyone tried Dr. Oetker "Ristorante Pizza" before? Well if no, you do not know what you are missing. I was given the chance to try these pizza boxes and I must say I love it! I was never a fan of waiting for pizza for over 10 minutes in an oven. After I was given this privilege, I took advantage and tried all varieties! I waiting about 12 minutes for each box and I saw immediately the difference of taste with pizza boxes that I always use to eat that are microwavable. The Ristorante pizzas tasted so fresh, very mouthwatering and makes you crave more and more. If you still have not tried these products, stop by your supermarket today and don't stay wondering if you would love it or hate it. Try it for yourself and you will not regret it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

I am back!!!!

Hey everyone! For those who do not know me, my name is Raquel. It has been a long long time. I have been so busy that I was unable to post on my blog forever, but now I am back!!!!! I really missed it and I want to continue blessing each and everyone by keeping you posted with great freebies, deals, specials, and even me just simply talking about life. With how things are going now a days with the economy, we need to be smart and start saving. Who is with me??? I am looking forward to meeting new people. I believe that thanks to this great technology we have today, we are able to talk and help one another so easily now. We need to take advantage of this blessing and I will definitely bless you all with savings!!!!!!!!!!